Many people that are vegetarians might find it difficult to enjoy a diet that is low in carbs.

This is mostly because a lot of vegetarian options include bread or some kind of high carb option.

Because of this, the ketogenic diet is something that usually isn’t an option for most vegetarians.

However, the ketogenic diet is an option for anybody regardless of their personal restrictions on what they can eat.

Keto Recipes for Vegetarians

Although being a vegetarian may restrict you even more on your options when you’re on a keto diet, there are still options for you.

You may have to pay more attention to some details on specific recipes and sometimes substitute meats for another low-carb, vegetarian option.

Below are going to be keto recipes that are catered to the vegetarians that are on the diet. Even if you aren’t a vegetarian, these are going to be amazing options for you as well.

If delicious recipes don’t really sound appealing to you at the moment, you can always just have yourself some easy to prepare low carb vegetables. They are less of a hassle to eat and take less time than the recipes below.

Garlic Parmesan Fried Eggplant

keto vegetarian recipes

Image credit goes to All Day I Dream About Food

Eggplant by itself doesn’t always sound like a very appealing thing to eat. When you add garlic flavor to it, the eggplant’s appeal becomes more. After adding the parmesan on top of that, you have a meal that’s going to be something that you could get used to having very frequently.

This is a very simple recipe that anybody would enjoy regardless of their dieting restrictions.

Net Carbs:6.0g

Look at the recipe at All Day I Dream About Food: Garlic Parmesan Fried Egplant

Keto Burger

Vegetarian keto recipes

Image credit goes to Keto Diet App

Vegetarians probably never get the kind of craving for a burger that people on a normal diet get. However, they probably don’t get a chance to have the best possible burger that fits their diet requirements.

This vegetarian burger is great for anybody that’s looking for a normal burger substitute.

Net Carbs:8.7g

Look at the recipe at Keto Diet App:

Stuffed Eggplant

keto vegetarian recipes

Image credit goes to The Iron You

Another eggplant recipe that’s going to put a smile on your face. Your taste buds will thank you for this one.

Any recipe that calls for something to be stuffed should get your mind racing because you never know what kind of flavors are going to jump out at you. The blend of flavors that can come together is going to only make a meal better.

When you have something that’s stuffed, all the juices from every ingredient are going to fuse and become one flavor that s going to explode in your mouth.

Net Carbs:11.0g

Look at the recipe at The Iron You: Stuffed Eggplant

Cheesy Green Bean Casserole

cheesy green bean casserole

Image credit goes to Caveman Keto

If you’re like me then you love adding cheese to anything you can, namely vegetables. I’ve never been a fan of the plain vegetable taste. It doesn’t matter what it is.

This casserole is a testament to that. Yes, green beans are okay by themselves, but they are so much better when you make them with this recipe.

Having this casserole is going to change your view on regular green beans.

Net Carbs:5.0g

Look at the recipe at Keto Dash: Cheesy Green Bean Casserole

Brussels Sprout Burgers

brussels sprout burger

Image credit goes to Caveman Keto

Brussels sprouts are never my first choice of vegetable, but when you can make them into a burger type patty like this recipe, then they shoot up towards the top of the list.

Typically brussels sprouts smell when you’re cooking them. This isn’t an exception to that. They smell when they’re cooked, it’s just how it is.

Thankfully, they don’t taste like they smell. You’ll enjoy these burgers and eat them like you would a regular burger.

Net Carbs:4.0

Look at the recipe at Keto Dash: Brussels Sprout Burgers

Cream Cheese Pancakes

cream cheese pancakes

Image credit goes to I breathe, I’m Hungry

This recipe might be the closest thing to an actual pancake that I have ever tasted.

If you didn’t know that this was a cream cheese pancake then you wouldn’t be able to tell that this is keto friendly.

This recipe is easy and a great way to start your morning.

Net Carbs:5.5g

Look at the recipe at Keto Dash: Cream Cheese Pancakes

Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuits

jalapeno cheddar biscuits

Image credit goes to Keto Connect

If you love Red Lobster biscuits then you’re going to love these biscuits for sure.

The only difference is that there’s going to be a little bit of spice because of the jalapenos.

Nothing is wrong with adding a bit of spice to your life either. In fact, spice is going to more than likely help you while you’re on a keto diet.

Spice will help speed up your metabolism which also helps with the fat burning process.

Net Carbs:3.3g

Look at the recipe at Keto Dash: Jalapeno Cheddar Biscuit

Creamy Mushroom Sauce Over Spaghetti Squash

Keto vegetarian recipes

Image credit goes to The Healthy Foodie

This is a recipe that’s going to be delicious, but you need to be careful with this one because of the number of carbs that are in it.

Does it still fit the keto profile? Yes, it does. However, if you have too much of this you could easily go over your daily carb requirement.

I would only recommend this recipe to people that are more advanced with the keto diet because they will know how to space out this recipe to fit into their daily macros.

Net Carbs:19g

Find this recipe at The Healthy Foodie

Spinach Onion Goat Cheese Omelette

Find this recipe at Protein Pantry

If you’re really wanting something that is going to fill you up, this omelette is the right choice.

I know that omelettes are associated more with breakfast but this is good at any time of day.

Prepare to have your mouth watering at the sight of this omelette when it’s done.

Be ready for your taste buds to be as happy as possible as well.

Net Carbs:5.5g

Mediterranean Zucchini Noodle Pasta

Find this recipe at Peace Love and Low Carb

This is a simple yet delicious meal.

You’ll heat up the zucchini just enough to soften it so that you don’t have too much of a crunch when you’re eating this.

You’ll really get a mediterranean feel when you eat this meal because of the ingredients you’ll be using.

This could really feel like some kind of Greek meal for you in the end.

Net Carbs:6.5g

Fathead Pizza Dough

fat head pizza dough

Image credit goes to How to…this and that

Understand that this is just the dough. This is not a pizza recipe.

This pizza dough is made for pizza, but it has many different uses.

Use it as a bread for your meal. Put some butter on it and make it like a piece of toast if you want.

Although this is great as a pizza crust, it’s versatility is what makes it perfect for everyone.

Net Carbs:3.6g
Look at the recipe at Keto Dash:Fathead Pizza Dough

Vegetarians Have Options Too

If you’re a vegetarian you can see that there are plenty of options out there for you.

Keeping up with your macros may be harder because your options are even more limited than before, but you can easily be successful with the ketogenic diet and stick to your vegetarian ways.

For some, you may not still be convinced about your options. Joining Keto Dash can help you see that the keto lifestyle can be done and give you the body that you want. You will also see that there are other people out there that are going through exactly what you are and having success like you will eventually have.


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