Being on a ketogenic diet can truly change your life. It can help you not only lose weight but help you lose fat. All the unwanted fat you have on your body can melt off your body just from this diet.

Staying on a keto diet means that you need to try and reach your macros, the number of fats, protein, and carbs you must consume, on a daily basis.

This can be difficult for some people. You may have to consume a large number of fats to reach your macros. You can do all of the right things except reach your daily number of fats. By falling short, you are going to slow the process of ketosis down, thus slowing down the weight loss process.

Falling a little short on your macros may be expected for some of you if you’re just starting your journey with Keto Dash.

There are ways out there to give yourself a good fat boost when you need it. This happens through fat bombs.

Typically, fat bombs are little snack type foods that will give you the fats you need to help you catch up with your daily macros.

13 Fat Bombs to Help Change Your Life

With the fat bombs below, you will never have to struggle to reach your fats requirement for your macros again.

The ketogenic diet forces you to eat a lot more fats than you’re probably used to. For some of you, the number of fats you have to consume may look a little intimidating.

For beginners, seeing a high number is always a little scary. However, these fat bombs are going to help make that number seem a lot more attainable.

Peanut Butter Fluff Fat Bombs

keto fat bombs

Image cregit goes to Kasey Trenum

If you’re a fan of peanut butter then this is a simple recipe that you have to get your taste buds on.

It’s a fluffy type of peanut butter that is similar to a whipped topping. Instead of putting it on something, you can just attack the fluff.

To save the rest of the fluff that you’ve made, just keep it in the refrigerator and you’ll have a great snack for a few days.

Per Serving:
Net Carbs:1.7g

View the Peanut Butter Fluff Fat Bombs recipe on Keto Dash.

Coconut Cinnamon Fat Bombs

fat bombs you need right now

Image credit goes to 5 Minute Life.

If you’re a fan of coconut, then this combination of coconut and cinnamon is going to be something that you really need to try.

This recipe will always be great because you have that sweet taste you might be dying to have since you’ve been cutting out all of these sugars.

Don’t fear the cinnamon either. It’s perfect for the ketogenic diet (we’ve done our research).

Be ready for a fat bomb that can easily fulfill any sweet cravings you might be having.

Per Serving:
Net Carbs:5.3g

Check out the Coconut Cinnamon Fat Bombs recipe on Keto Dash.

Creamsicle Fat Bombs

fat bombs you need right now

Image credit goes to I Save A2Z.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful creamsicle? They are always perfect on any hot summer day.

You may not have these fat bombs on a stick, but you’ll get the classic creamsicle flavor that you have always known to love.

If you’ve never had a creamsicle before, then you need to get with the program because you’re seriously missing out.

The only downside is that you have to hold yourself back from eating too many of these.

Per Serving:
Net Carbs:0.7g

View the Creamsicle Fat Bombs recipe on Keto Dash.

Pork Chop Fat Bomb

keto fat bombs

Image credit goes to That’s Low Carb

Now, this isn’t a snack like most of the other fat bombs, but it still provides a massive boost to your fats consumption. You get 103 grams of fat per serving!

If that’s not a fat bomb then I don’t know what is.

This is an ideal fat bomb for when you’ve fallen completely short of your macros with your first couple meals of the day for some reason.

I would save this for my dinner only if I were in a desperate situation with my macros and I have no other way of making it up.

You could easily plan your macro consumption around this meal if you plan on eating it later on.

Per Serving:
Net Carbs:7.0g

View the Pork Chop Fat Bomb recipe on Keto Dash.

Strawberry Shortcake Keto Fat Bombs

keto fat bomb recipes

Image credit to Forget Sugar Friday

Strawberry shortcake is a good dessert at any time. When you’re able to have it in a fat bomb that’s going to help you lose weight, why not take advantage of it?

These fat bombs are going to be small so feel free to take as many as you want to try and catch up with your macros.

Think of these as more of mini bombs.

Per Serving:
Net Carbs:2g

Find this recipe at Forget Sugar Friday:Strawberry Shortcake Keto Fat Bombs

Pizza Fat Bomb

keto fat bombs

Image credit goes to That’s Low Carb?

Think of these as mini pizza balls that are going to help you lose weight.

Dicing the pepperonis and olives are going to help give you that pizza taste. Without them, you’d just have a tomato taste that will just kind of leave you unsatisfied.

This recipe requires no cooking, making it more appealing to people that need fats in a hurry. Just throw all the ingredients together, roll them in a ball, and you have your fat bomb.

Per Serving:
Calories: 110.0
Fats: 10.5g
Protein: 2.3g
Net Carbs: 1.3g

View the Pizza Fat Bombs recipe on Keto Dash.

Chocolate Fat Bomb

fat bombs you need right now

Image credit goes to Living Well Mom.

I’m sure most of you are dying to have a little bit of chocolate back in you’re lives. Well, thankfully, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for you.

This fat bomb may not have the exact creaminess of regular chocolate, but it’s more than passable as a chocolate substitute.

You’ll definitely be able to get your sweet tooth satisfaction out of this and fulfill your macros at the same time.

Per Serving:
Net Carbs:4g

Check out the Chocolate Fat Bomb recipe on Keto Dash.

Vanilla Ice Cream Keto Coffee Smoothie

Find this recipe at Forget Sugar Friday.

Although this is technically a smoothie, it’s still a fat bomb. Your body is going to get over 30g of fat from this drink.

It’s something that will come in handy if you really need to catch up on your macros.

If you aren’t a fan of coffee, feel free to use other forms of ice cubes so that you don’t have to have any taste that you aren’t enjoying.

Per Serving:
Net Carbs:2g

Almond Joy Fat Bombs

Find this recipe at Keto Connect.

If you’re a fan of the almond joy candy bar then you’re going to enjoy these fat bombs. It’s the simple combination of coconut with an almond that makes this fat bomb so different compared to the other fat bombs that you’ll see.

Having a bit of chocolate added on top of these things are going to make this even better. It’s a fat bomb that you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

Per Serving:
Net Carbs:1.5g

Peppermint Fat Bombs

keto fat bombs

Image cregit goes to

Peppermint is a tasty flavor that goes perfectly as a dessert.

So, because of that, this fat bomb is guaranteed to make any meal come full circle.

Again, be sure not to overdo it. Fat bombs like this are going to taste delicious so it could be easy to just mindlessly eat them.

Per Serving:
Net Carbs:0.5g

View the Peppermint Fat Bomb recipe on Keto Dash.

Blueberry Cream Pie Fat Bombs

Image credit toForget Sugar Friday.

Think about a blueberry pie when you’re eating these fat bombs. That’s the flavor you’re going to get when you eat one of these.

If you’re a fan of blueberry then this is something that you can’t turn down.

Per Serving:
Net Carbs:1g

Find the recipe at Forget Sugar Friday: Blueberry Cream Pie Fat Bombs

Pudding Fat Bomb

fat bombs you need right now

This is a recipe that will give you something similar to the peanut butter fluff recipe.

It’s very simple and the best part is that you get to pick any flavor you want.

Jell-O and heavy whipping cream. It’s something so simple yet packs a great amount of flavor that could catch you off guard.

Per Serving:
Net Carbs:11g

Check out the Pudding Fat Bomb recipe on Keto Dash.

PB and Chocolate Fat Bomb

fat bombs you need right now

Image credit goes to Butter Is Not a Carb.

If you’re a fan of Reese’s cups then you’re guaranteed to love this fat bomb.

You won’t have to worry about bacon interfering with this recipe either.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get this recipe perfect the first time. Like everything, all good things take practice and you’ll be as happy as your taste buds when you finally get this recipe perfect.

Per Serving:
Net Carbs:0.8g

View the PB and Chocolate Fat Bomb recipe on Keto Dash.

Love the Fat

To be successful on a ketogenic diet, you’re going to need to hit all of your macros, fats being the most important of them.

The people over at Keto Dash understand how much a struggle it can be at times get the fats you need. That is why there is such a helpful and supportive community that you can turn to when you run into problems.

If you see yourself falling behind on the diet, fat bombs are a good way to catch up.

Just be careful not to overdo it because then getting into ketosis can be that much harder for you.


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